Full Service Race Timing and Promotions



Plan our work and work our plan. We work hard before the event to ensure success.


Show up early, start race on time, stay late to make sure we got it right to make you look good!


Provide a complete Experience that your participants are expecting and will bring them back.

About Us

The fastest growing timing company on the east coast. We provide complete, professional, race timing services, and Start/Finish line management for Road Races and Cross Country Meets of all sizes. Based in the Huntington, West Virginia, we are available for races all over West Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky.

We have the experience, equipment, and passion to make your event a success, no matter how many participants!

We are small enough to help with smaller races but large enough to handle races with thousands of participants.

The goal of this company is to provide a partnership to various groups and non-profits while promoting fitness and running events. We have a couple of goals with this company:

1.) To make your life easier on race day
2.) To promote running and other fitness related activities
3.) To make your event something that people will talk about in a positive way

Again, we are not a "Vendor" who comes and JUST takes care of your finish line. We are your event partner from day 1 through race day. We are available for you at all times and can assist you in all aspects of your race!

We will work with you, the race director and the race committee, to customize a timing solution to meet your needs. Just ask what we can do for you!

How about course measurement, a DJ, generators, or race signage, and brochure and web design? Oh, yea, the clipboards! We are a full service provider and if you need it (whether you know it yet or not) we can and will be there for you.

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